Boudoir Reviews

" I recently had a photo shoot with Brittany. It was an amazing  experiencing and I would highly recommend her for any occasion needing  photographing. She is professional and friendly the entire time. She got  my pictures to me in a very timely manner and I was very happy with the  end results" 

Boudoir Queen J

" Had a photo shoot today and it was absolutely amazing I was so nervous  going in and worked myself up for nothing.. can’t wait to see the  photos.. 😍😍 these girls are absolutely amazing " 

Boudoir Queen L

" I recently completed a boudoir shoot with Brittany, and let me tell you  this lady sure knows how to boost up the confidence in a shy introvert  like myself! Brittany is a true artist and  her pictures she has brought  out beauty and confidence i never thought I had" 

Boudoir Queen H

" Absolutely LOVED my Boudoir Photo Shoot! Everything was very  professional and Brittany knew how to direct poses and made me feel at  ease. Highly recommend for ALL Ladies" 

Boudoir Queen E

" I came thinking I was going to be nervous and shy but as soon as I  walked in Brittany made me feel very welcomed and suddenly I wasn’t  nervous at all. I had a really fun time and would recommend it to any  girl out there! After doing this shoot I felt I had so much more  confidence in my own body then before this shoot! I would so come back  for another boudoir shoot!”  Boudoir Queen S

“Brittany  was amazing at not only taking the photos but making you feel  comfortable and beautiful. She made the session very enjoyable and light  hearted with laughs and smiles the entire time! I would highly  recommend going to see her for beautiful photographs and also if you are  nervous in front of the camera. She will make getting your photos done  fun and exciting! Thanks Britt, your one talented girl 😘”  

Boudoir Queen A

 “Thanks  again to both you and Jade for making me feel so beautiful and helping  me bring out my inner goddess! I feel like this shoot helped me to  accept/embrace my small curves that unfortunately I didn’t always  accept, and at times found myself comparing to others who were more  “womanly” or so i thought were. As I  grew up and watched my body grow beautiful little beings within and  bring them into this world , I fell more in love with my body-it is  truly a gift ! It went through many changes both during and after  pregnancy that have amazed me. I just want to say that I admire all  women and the strength and inner beauty we all hold within , and you  Brittany and Jade certainly bring out and capture the best of us ❤️  I feel like it helps us all build a stronger bond within ourselves, a  new appreciation for ourselves!Thank you for letting us shine ❤️”
Boudoir Queen A  

 “I  recently had a boudoir shoot with Brittany and it was nothing but  amazing!! I was very nervous for my first boudoir shoot but Jade and  Brittany are so professional and welcoming they got rid of my nerves in  no time. I don’t even know what I was nervous for anymore! I had a blast  at the shoot and I have never felt so comfortable and confident in my  own body!!  Brittany is so talented behind that camera and can capture  the most beautiful photos!! I recommend every women does a boudoir shoot  with Brittany and Jade sometime... you will never regret it!”
Boudoir Queen C 

 “Brittany did such an amazing job! She truly captured the magic, The  couples boudoir was a great way to break down barriers as a couple.  Being in a long term relationship we recently decided to take a break  and this was a fun way to rekindle the love. Brittany made us feel very  comfortable and got us laughing despite being nervous and awkward before  the photoshoot.”  
Boudoir Queen T & Boudoir King J. 

Wedding Reviews


“Brittany travelled to attend and photograph my wedding two weekends  ago!  Just having her around was a joy!  But more importantly I am a  fanatic for pictures! And details in pictures!  Well Brittney captured  my wedding perfectly!!! Besides the standard family and wedding party  pictures she went around and took unique angles of my farm and wedding  decor!  I am truly grateful for Brittany and her talents and sharing in  my special day xoxoxox” 

Mr. & Mrs. Redpath
June 23, 2018

Other Reviews

" I had Brittany do my Maternity photos, as well as family pictures. She  makes the shoots fun, whether we are getting sand between our toes, or  freezing in our sask winters! She’s quick to get your pictures to you,  very accommodating, and makes your happiness her priority. Highly  recommend! "

" Thank you so much for doing a amazing job on our photos! You have such a  natural talent and a good eye! I love that even though my child was not  cooperating you still were able to capture so many amazing shoots! Even  with the wind and a moody child you talent over rides and shines  through. You were able to capture my childs personality so well and able  to get Quinn to smile for a photo! lol, Thank you!"

" Brittany made our little trio feel so comfortable. We had an extremely  enjoyable experience for our beach session! She is professional and  cheerful and was awesome to work with. Thank you so much Brittany for  capturing moments in time for our family"

" Great session with Brittany, quick with getting photos back. She was  able to capture my daughter beautifully even when she was more  interested in other things and love how all the pictures turned out.  Thank you so much for capturing all our family memories and engagement"

" Having recently done a couples session with Brittany we were amazed by  how fast she was able to have our images back to us. The session was fun  and comfortable and she made it so easy for us to just be ourselves.  Will definitely be booking with Brittany again!"

" I had a milk bath maternity shoot with Brittany Nicole & can not say  enough good things about her. She made me feel so comfortable &  relaxed. I was a little bit nervous to have pictures taken but once we  started shooting and she was showing me the raw unedited pictures as we  went along i have never felt more beautiful! Which i have been finding  difficult being 31 weeks pregnant. I highly recommend her to anyone  wanting to capture these memories. Her passion really shows & she  has such a good eye for photography. I will definitely be using her  again. Thank you for the wonderful experience!"