Boudoir Promotional Video

About Me


Hey Everyone!! My Name is Brittany, and I am the face behind the camera! I am a one woman show when it comes to taking photos except when doing boudoir I have a trusty sidekick Jade Green MUA that does my make up for my Boudoir Queens. Photography is my "fun" hobby, its something I do on my days off from my Full Time Job as a Nurse in Prince Albert Saskatchewan. I am a small town girl born & raised in the Northern SK Community of Air Ronge, SK! I graduated High School in Rosthern, SK where I attended Rosthern Junior College. In 2012, I wanted to try out the health care field so I attended SIAST (Sask polytech) for their Continuing Care Assistant Program. After Graduating the program in 2013 I knew I could do more, and had a passion for wanting to help people. In 2014 I was accepted into the Practical Nursing Program, to which graduated in 2016. I am a huge animal lover, and Jacobs Creek Moscato Lover. Where does my love for photography fit in? read below  

My Passion for Photography


I never knew how much I was into photography until I got my first camera in 2015 for Christmas. I always loved taking photos, and you could tell by the nearly 10,000 photos on my cellphone! There is something special about every photo taken, I've fallen in love with the story each session brings, whether its a new baby, celebrating an engagement, celebrating women when it comes to Boudoir, its a hobby thats very rewarding for me. I have also photographed many different subjects, scenes, and moments all over the world From Maui to Mexico, to the Grand Canyon to the Northern Lights in my front yard.  

Workshops I've attended


My very first workshop I spent the weekend in Melfort attending Greg Johnson beginners class for photography. If you don't know Greg he is best know not only for his amazing Photography but his TV show the Tornado Hunters. This workshop made me go home smiling, I knew I found my passion that day! Another workshop I attended was the Alicia Marie Boudoir Workshop in Saskatoon,SK and let me tell you!! The entire workshop was unreal, and never felt so empowered and driven to help woman feel beautiful and to help learn to accept themselves for who they are! We are stuck in a society that's so fixated on a "perfect" body type, when we are all perfect, we are all beautiful. Teri Hoffard is also one to Thank for my love for boudoir! I took her online workshop! Teri is based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba!